Virtual Reality for Business Growth

The lockdown around the world due to the covid-19, is giving many businesses a tough time. Shops are shut, showroom or experience centres are closed, museums and zoo are locked. People are also equally frustrated and confined to four walls and are missing many things onto their daily life. People want to get rid of this boredom and wish to experience different things like the normal before, but unfortunately they are not able to do so. But you are a business, you can turn this unfortunate situation upside down with the use of Virtual Reality and can generate revenue.

Wish to know how?  Well then read the full article and get an idea on what kind of products or services can make use of virtual reality effectively. The obvious question to find the answer would be; is your business provide an experience the target audience would like to take or it is very important for your target audience to experience your product before they decide to buy? If yes, don’t then wait and opt for a virtual tour.

Below are some the industries / businesses who can reap great benefits with virtual tour.

Real Estate Industry – To own a dream home is one of the most precious and important decision of our lives and it comes with a price. As owning a property is heavy on the pocket, therefore people would like to be 1oo% sure before they invest on any property. And in order to be sure, a site visit or an experience centre is deciding stage where a person will buy a property or not. Developers also try to give the best experience possibly they could give to the prospect visitors to excite them about the project. But due to the current scenario, people are not risking to go to the site to experience the project. Hence virtual tour is a great way to showcase a real estate project as it allow the prospects to experience to property virtually. And it is not only a great way to engage audience in the current situation, it also quite beneficial in decision making for prospects who live in far off cities or NRIs.

Showrooms / Stores – People like to get a first-hand experience of the things they desire to buy or any lifestyle products. Luxury products cannot be sold easily online with just one click. Enticing images works as we say an image is equal to thousand words, image a virtual tour would be equal to how many words. Therefore, a product like luxury furniture which you would like to touch and feel before you buy, in the absence of the physical store, virtual tour would do wonders. Similarly, for car it would be same, no matter how confident you are about the car or how much in depth research you might have done, you always wish to visit to the showroom before you buy your dream car. Hence a virtual tour of the showroom and the car is a great asset to have to lure potential customers. Recently global car maker like Nissan also came up with their virtual showroom to give an experience closest to the reality the comfort of your home.

Travel Industry – Travelling ad holidays take a hit during the pandemic and it will surely take some time before things goes back to normal. If you are tour operators then you can definitely make use of the virtual tour and offer your audience an experience which they are seeking. Remember travelling rejuvenate our mind and body and in this situation people are looking for something positive. For many, travelling especially adventurous holiday is a passion and people go to an extent to pursue their passion. So if you are a scuba diving expert, you can make a virtual tour beneath the sea to give a real feel beneath the sea to enthusiast scuba divers or adventurous travellers.

Museums – If you are run a Museum which is currently closed you can always make a virtual tour of your museum and put it onto your website with a ticketing system. Once someone pays for the ticket, the user can experience the museum onto his laptop or smartphone. This doesn’t limit to the current situation, you can always make use of the virtual tour in any given time as many people across the globe have a passion to learn about other cultures, its people and its history. So having a virtual tour of the museum onto your website enables people from various part of the world who may not visit your museum or your country to actually experience everything from their location and in return you can also generate good revenue.

Art – Are you an artist? Is your plate full of arts? Are you itching to showcase to the world? Well it looks like a little distant dream at the moment to conduct an exhibition. But, you can opt for virtual art gallery and show your amazing work to the entire world. Virtual art gallery is also effective for beginners who do not have much budget to rent an exhibition space or for those who wish to reach to a larger audience anywhere in the world.

Hotel / Banquet Industry – Online hotel booking is quite popular over the last few years with exclusive deals and offers. Users check out photos, read out services and book the room. Imagine if photos can do wonders, what can virtual tours would do? You can generate more interest among the target audience with the virtual tours of rooms, lobby, café, swimming pools, etc. Similarly many resorts get good business from corporates who go to such places for outbound meetings, you can give them experience with the help of virtual tours in advance in order to give them confidence to book seamlessly. Also, as per the recent trades many high profile people opt for destination weddings now-a-days and they want top of the world experience. If you are a manager of a banquet in the popular destination a virtual tour of your banquet is a great thing to have to seal the deal.

Digital Marketing – Are you a digital marketer? Are you wondering how to generate more engagement and leads? Then the answer to your questions is virtual tour. A virtual tour of your product or services onto your company’s website will result in more time spent by the users, will create more engagement and also would generate more leads. Not only these, you can use virtual tours more effectively to engage audiences by putting the links on your SMS or emailer campaign as well. Also, it is being observed that if you run a lead generation campaign on Facebook with 360 degree image, the cost per lead tends to get lower.

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