Top 5 Website Analytics Tools for your Business

The world is moving towards digital, not only because marketing on digital platforms are effective in terms of result and cost. It is also because all your efforts can be tracked and analyzed which helps you to re-strategize and plan your digital marketing effectively. One of the key and initial aspects for any business to have an online presence is having a user-friendly website, wherein traffic can flow from any corner of the world. Therefore, tracking your website will give you lots of info about your web visitors such as demographic, geographic, users interests and online behavior­. By analyzing your website traffic, you might get key insights which can help in shaping up your marketing strategies and interacting with your target audience in a better way.

Here are few of the key website analytics tools you can consider for your website

– Google Analytics
– Similar Web
– Yahoo Web Analytics
– Adobe Web Analytics
– Hotjar

Google Analytics

One of the most widely used analytical tools is Google Analytics because it gives valuable data and insights through its features, it’s free and it comes from the house of trusted tech giant Google. You can get to know your customers and have a deeper understanding about them in one place. It measures certain metrics like total visitors, time spent, cities users are coming from, browser and devices they are using, actions taken in the website, from where they are redirected to the website, etc. One of the best features of Google Analytics is the Goal Funnel, you can find out not only how many people are going through the process of making a purchase on your website, but also how many are abandoning it at a certain stage. Google can also tell you the keywords that people search which bring them to your website.

Similar Web

Similar Web provides web analytics services for any websites or mobile application. You can get information such as website traffic volumes, demographics and geographic info, referral sources, keyword analysis, desktop and mobiles visit of the last 6 months. Besides its other features includes information on time spent on the website, page views, bounce rate, etc. You can also see the website’s global rank as well as country rank. Not only these you can also get info on the category rank; for example, if your business is into Marketing and Advertising, what is the rank of the website of your business in the Advertising and Marketing category. The best part of Similar Web is that it’s free and it lets you peek into the data of any website or mobile app. Thus, it allows you to get data and insights about traffic and rankings of your website against competing sites; all you need to do is to enter your website’s URL or enter the name of your mobile application against any competitor’s website/mobile application.

Yahoo Web Analytics

Yahoo Web Analytics is a customizable web analytics tool which gives insights on website visitors, helps to align marketing strategies and reduce marketing costs. Businesses can see past and real-time data which would be segmented instantly with advanced graphs to help their marketing team to find insights for the improvement of their business growth. The dashboard can be customized by benchmarks, time periods, KPIs and charts, etc. The dashboard widgets can be easily created, and every widget has a custom report with respect to activities on your website like time spent, number of pages viewed, bounce rate, source of traffic, etc. Like other widely used analytical tools it helps you understand the kind of customers you have in terms of their demographic profile like gender, age, location and also their online behavioral data that reveal interest categories based on the type of website they visit. Therefore, all these insights help you to align your marketing strategies for your target audience.

Adobe Web Analytics

With the evolution of digital marketing and the advent and the use of various marketing tech platforms, data on total visitors, page views, demographic profiles are not enough. Businesses need not only need to know how they are getting traffic onto their website; they also need to know why they are getting the traffic. The more you dig deeper the more insightful data you gather to understand your target audience. Therefore, you need to measure traffic sources, customer journey, users behaviour and interest, content effectiveness and video engagement. And all these can be done with ease with Adobe Web Analytics. It uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced ways of data analysis to deliver accurate customer insights within minutes.


Out of the above web analytics tools, Hotjar is little different. Continue reading and you will find the reasons why I am keeping Hotjar in my list. Like other traditional tools give you numbers and data, Hotjar can tell you what web visitors are exactly doing on your website. Hotjar allows you to see user behaviour on your website; how users engage with your website. It uses heatmaps of the visitors’ clicks and actions, records their sessions, and gathers data from survey and feedback polls to help you understand what exactly people are looking at your website, and how they are navigating it. You can actually see where your potential customers stuck and why they are abandoning the purchase. Monitoring all these would help you to design your website in such a way that would improve customer journey. Some of the features of Hotjar are – heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnel reports, form analysis, feedback polls and survey.


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