Top 5 mother’s day campaign

Every day is mother’s day. The love of a mother cannot be measured by any measuring unit. It is famously said that God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. Mothers all over the world work hard to maintain their families and raise their children. On this joyful occasion, every child should express their love towards their mother.

There are several gifts that a child can gift their mother. But due to the covid-19 situation, not all the gift shops or online sites are working in full force. If you want to surprise your mother and express your love you can take inspiration from the following ad campaigns. Everyone should express their love and emotion towards their special ones.

1. ADT: No one protects like a mother

In today’s world online shopping is one of the rapidly increasing actions all over the world. The main factor of online services is satisfied customers. People want to know customer reviews about the products by the people who have formally used the product.

In 2019, the ADT Company showed its viewers the real reviews of mothers who work at Wichita in the customer service department. The strong tagline “No one protects like a mother”, conveys their message properly about the reliability and security that the organization provides.

2. Google Home Hub

The main driving force of any camping is the emotion behind it. The powerful message that the makers want to spread towards their customers and all over the world. In mother’s day campaigns, you can see the powerful emotions and clear message that the advertisement holds.

In 2019 Google came out with the “#HeyMom campaign. It shows that children of all ages always go to their moms for advice. Similarly in this modern world whenever people want to find out information about anything they turn to Google.

3. Tesco: #EveryMum

Tesco is a British grocery chain that is very popular. Every mom and family always buys groceries no matter where they live. On the special occasion of mother’s day, the grocery chain started the campaign with the tag “#EveryMum”.

The advertisement shows the real-life stories of all types of mothers like foster moms, stepmoms, aunts, adoptive moms, and biological moms. The company did not use any professional actors in the advertisement. But instead, they used real moms and their real stories to portray their heartwarming message.

4. Kraft: Mother’s Day Away

Mother’s all over the world work hard. The job of a mother never ends. There is no work duration in a mother’s life in continues for 24×7. Due to all these countless hours of work the moms surely deserve some rest.

In 2019 Kraft came out with an excellent idea to help moms take a much-deserved rest. The company working with a budget of $50,000, announced to compensate the cost of a babysitter for mothers who want to relax on mother’s day.  It was a wonderful campaign that did not focus on large-scale giveaways but an honest solution to the 24×7 working mothers.

5. Kay Jewelers

Expressing your love at the time of the covid-19 pandemic is very difficult. A recent campaign by Kay Jewelers shows its viewers different ways by which they can show their love to their moms.

In this campaign, Kay Jewelers ask their followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to share their heartwarming stories. After this, the Kay channel would re-share the most loving and inspirational story. Besides that, they would also offer many digital gifts as well as “virtual hugs” so that the audience could share them.


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