Top 5 campaign on the occasion of Eid

Eid is one of the most auspicious festivals of the Muslim community. This occasion is also called the “Breaking the fast festival”. This is celebrated by all the people of the Muslim community all over the world. Eid is the day on which the people break their fast after one whole month of fasting from dawn to sunset. The one month of fasting period where everybody fasts from dawn to sunset is known as “Ramadan”. This fasting process is not mandatory for all the members of the family; it can be done by people of all ages. The occasion marks the togetherness and joy of the people celebrating the festival with their family and friends. 

1. Cadbury Celebrations

Chocolates are one of the most loved treats all over the world. Tasty and flavorful chocolates can melt a person’s heart. Cadbury Celebrations is one of the most famous and loved chocolate brands. People love these chocolates and it is frequently used as a gift on many different occasions. 

The chocolate company always comes up with brilliant ad and campaign ideas for every occasion. It also highlights the relationship between different people of different religious beliefs. 

2. Max Fashion

Max fashion is a brand that comes under a Dubai-based company. The brand was established in 2004, in Abu Dhabi. 

The campaign by Max Fashion shows the sweet and loving ways by which Hindus and Muslims can enjoy the festival together. This message is beautifully portrayed by two families of different religions dining together at the same table. The ad gives out an important message to the viewers that “festivals should be celebrated together irrespective of one’s religious beliefs. 

3. Bata

Bata is one of the biggest shoes producing organizations all over the world. It is a shoe company that originated from Zlin, which is now the Czech Republic. This shoe company is owned by the Bata family and very popular in India.

The organization released a campaign in which it shows the bond of office employees. The ad clearly shows the love and affection between the colleagues that work with each other in the same company. In the ad, the colleagues are trying to hide their food from their Muslim friends. The colleagues are doing this because it is the month of Ramadan. In the end, all the friends ask him if they can join his family for dinner. Overall it is a beautiful message showing the love and bond of friendship.

4. Reliance Trends

Reliance is one of the biggest companies in India. It has many different companies like petroleum, groceries, network, and many more. The Reliance Trends branch is one of the shopping outlets of the organization.

The company released an ad in which they show the love between a mother and her daughter. On the auspicious occasion of Eid, the mother does not have money to buy clothes for herself. The daughter then collects her savings and buys her mother new clothes for Ramadan. This is a very beautiful message and it touched the heart of the audience.

5. Ghadi Detergent

Ghadi is a pretty big detergent producing company. It is famous for its excellent product as well as its tags line “Pahle Istamal Kare Phir Wishwas Kare”.

The short campaign ad which it released shows the double standers of society. It shows that a mother is happy when she sees her daughter’s husband helping her daughter. But the same mother is angry when her son is helping his wife. This is a very strong message to all the people who still have backward thinking.

These are the top 5 campaigns on the occasion of Eid. All of these campaigns give their viewers a heartwarming message and also show the creativity of the brands. 

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