Social media plays an important role amid Covid 19 to connect people in need

Recently since the year 2019, a deadly pandemic has taken control of our lives, making it disastrous with its spread. The quick spread of this respiratory disease, coronavirus or, you can say, Covid19, has severely affected people and their daily life. This pandemic has put vast pressure on the sectors of healthcare and sanitation and hampering the social and economic conditions of societies and nations worldwide.

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Public health has been put into the hands of doctors and professional with strong leadership by the government in such an alarming situation. But one thing that has encouraged this rapid flow and spread of pandemic is the negligence of common people not wearing masks, their lack of awareness which has ultimately put the health of the nation at risk. People are aware that cases are rapidly growing, but prevention techniques to the common people and its awareness are still in spread with much misinformation included. Therefore the spread and proper awareness for controlling the growing infection in people can be met out only through social media addressing the severe and important issues regarding this pandemic. 

Hence, we will discuss how social media plays as the key instrument in handling all these problems. We will also gather knowledge about why social media plays a key role in people seeking plasma, oxygen, doctors and even hospital beds on those social platforms. It serves as the strongest tool that has been promoting good behaviour in people regarding infection control measures. People are now becoming concerned and motivated to tackle the problems of covid19 starting at their homes themselves. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most important platforms related to the pandemic by allowing people to gain reliable information about the measures needed to tackle Covid. In social media, news spread fast in a blink, or you can say in a few seconds. Therefore, post-related to covid19 are reshaped to people, users posts information about covid that reaches and is viewed by millions of social media users.

Social media, therefore, makes a network of people where users from all around the world get united to fight against this spread of covid19 deadly syndrome. The medical officers, officials and staff of health care departments, doctors and nurses are also witnessed to convey relevant information to the people through social media. Patients can find out information and queries related to hospital beds, plasma donors, oxygen supplies and doctors available in their respective cities through the help of posts and articles found on social media platforms. Moreover, officials have started to post online notices, and doctors have also started to offer help to the patients in remote areas with the help of social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Even celebrities also using social media to bring more awareness about the deadly impact of the virus and also convey important information related to covid like where to get oxygen or plasma donors.

Reports have revealed that almost 80% of the people worldwide have access to social media platforms. Over 560 million online users have made India a global social media network with YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. Moreover, it has been witnessed globally that doctors and medical practitioners worldwide have opened accounts and pages in social media accounts to provide the necessary information and current trends of Covid 19.

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With the increase in healthcare articles and blogs, people have gained necessary information about the available hospital beds, oxygen suppliers, plasma donors and doctors. 



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