MX Takatak Can Be As Big As Tiktok In India

When TikTok was recently banned in India, the enjoyment and excitement of watching entertaining videos began to fade. Everyone needs some entertainment at this hour to pass the time when stuck at home because covid is still at its height. Several sites have emerged as alternatives to TikTok, but the battle for the ideal alternative is still ongoing. MX Takatak is one such app that has emerged; several people who were previously well-known on TikTok have now joined MX Takatak. It has already crossed 97% of TikTok users and is gaining a lot of attention among viewers.

MX TakaTak is a short video group app created in India by MX Media & Entertainment. The app can be used to make short videos, lip sync videos, trending music videos, and viral videos, which you can then share on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. MX Takatak is more than just a dubbing app; it’s also a great video editor that allows you to record, edit videos online, add filters, and become the next big thing. MX TakaTak App offers you fun and exciting videos to watch and share with your friends and family.

It is also becoming popular among celebrities; for example, Virat Kohli was signed by MXTakaTak recently and is currently trending on MX TakaTak with his new fitness videos, funny videos, and more! Also, with the IPL in full swing, you can make a duet video with a player from your favourite team, choose from teams like KKR, Mumbai Indians, RCB, Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, Sunrise Hyderabad, and CSK, and become the next MX Takatak Super Star.

Main Characteristics:-

  • Trending videos: At the tip of your fingers, you can browse trending awesome, fun short videos.
  • Save and share status: There are up to 10,000 status videos online.
  • Shoot and edit: Using the editing features, users can create innovative videos to share online.
  • Beauty cam: Users can choose from a variety of beautiful effects and filters.
  • Video editor: Users can combine images, edit them, and so on.

Karan Bedi, CEO of MX Player, discusses the company’s expansion in an interview format as well as his aspirations from TakaTak.

  • Takatak has its own app, but it is also included in MX Player. How do you want it to grow? Do you want it to be a distinct brand with its own identity?

We will use what is known as a dual strategy. Takatak has its own version, as well as being used in the MX Player app. We’ll keep doing both. When it comes to advertising, we are the only player in the industry who can include a short video, premium video, display, and inventory on gaming land. We did not combine five companies into a single app. They complement each other really well.

  • What is your assessment of TakaTak’s success so far?

Takatak is still in its beginnings. It’s been live for a little more than two months, and according to third-party statistics, we’re obviously number one in the short video room. It is currently a smaller app than MX Player, but we expect it to develop significantly over the next six months.

  • When you say “it’ll be massive in six months,” what precisely do you mean? Is it possible for you to assign a number to it?

Putting a number on it at this level is quite difficult. To put it any other way, TikTok turned into the dominant force in the quick video enterprise till it became disrupted. What I do recognise is that TikTok once had 50 million active users, and there’s no motive TakaTak can’t be simply as famous.


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