Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Conversation Rates

As a marketeer, we have focused so far on the marketing attribution and trying to convert the leads by remarketing but is that enough?

We all know, customers take time and it’s not an impulsive buy anymore for any of the segments, all thanks to the competitive players that we have in the market. Especially after the pandemic COVID-19 experience.

In such cases, nurturing the leads is a crucial process.

Various marketing automation tool in the market has made that an easy job for you.

The very important thing you can achieve is you reach the right person at the right time.

It’s about gaining more insights about your audience leveraging it to narrow down the communication to as personalize as it can get.

How does an automation tool collect data?

There are numerous way the tool understand about the user and its behavior pattern:

Let’s take a peek:

  1. Segmentation of data: Many automation tools bifurcate and showcase a personalized communication to each segmented bucket and based on their response, you can further set a tool to serve sequential ads for appropriate actions basis of user engagement.
  2. Tracking codes and cookies: Automation keeps gathering information from various trackers like cookies and pixels for respective tool and observes end-user actions and behavior on the respective platform. [i]

How does it benefit?

  1. Personalization: You are in touch with them constantly, reminding them about important actions. Adding an element of personalization to a simple message is more successful.
  2. Increased efficiency: While your tool is analyzing, tracking the journey of a user or experimenting via autogenerated new creative options, you can invest your time into something more productive work.
  3. Thrive with insightful data: As different channels activated at the same time, with manual interruption the learning and implementation are slower. Automation resolves these issues and provide learning and also interacts with the user in real-time.

Features of automation tool:

  1. Quick alerts to a potential customer: While your user is on your website, based on their journey you can push the right message to them in real-time. [i]
  2. Scoring the leads: As the tool tracking the behavior of a prospective, tracing each interaction can help automation software to derive the level of intent one has by denoting a value against each lead. Eventually, giving a heads up to the sales team and marketer how much attention should be given to a particular lead.[ii]
  3. Nurturing the leads for purchase: Based on the scoring, a marketer can serve the altered communication to each cohort. At length, helping a prospective to make a decision of purchase.[iii]
  4. Analytics and reporting: Empowers you with the strategical analysis which helps you identify the loopholes. Subsequently, you can equip yourself for future effective campaigns.

Automate the repetitive process: Saves the time for the redundant task lets you to focus on more productive work and strategy.

Lastly, all the market players have kickstarted experimenting with automation tools and AI-based tool to be effective and serve personalization as the end-user approach has been dynamic and changing aggressively every now and then.




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