Key Takeaways from YouTube Brandcast 2020

YouTube Brandcast is the flagship advertiser event for brands and agencies. Every year, the event gives a highlight of the two pillars that makes the platform of YouTube – creators and audience, their viewing experience and some key advertising and data-driven insights.

Outlined below are the top key takeaways from YouTube Brandcast 2020:

Creators Insights

  • 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube globally
  • Indian has emerged as the fastest growing markets globally
  • Naturally, Indians are one of the leading contributors of content
  • The number of Indian YouTube content creators with over one million subscribers has spiked to 2500 (from 20 in 2016)

Audience Insights

  • YouTube heads the list as the leading platform for watching online videos
  • The platform recorded more than 325 million 18+ users tuning in month on month
  • The platform watch time in July 2020 was 45% higher than July 2019

YouTube Advertising Insights

  • A Neilsen study revealed that YouTube is 4.8X more effective than TV
  • A meta-analysis done on Lay’s India’s 8-week long TV + digital campaign showed that YouTube ads delivered 12.5% sales lift, 5.05 ROAS, the highest sales uplift seen in APAC region till date
  • It was also shared that 89% of YouTube campaigns deliver a significant spike in offline sales

Priya Barve, Head of Unskippable Labs (APAC) also shared some interesting highlights and insights about boosting campaign efficiency on YouTube.

  • A combination of data-driven audience insights & messaging can open up new possibilities for story telling
  • The creative power of the ad is often found to be more important than the media decisions that guide it
  • During pandemic, as most advertisers were unsure about what not to say, what to say, and how to say it, it was noted that almost 90% of effective ads did not hint at the crisis, rather it showed normalcy of everyday life, and continued with business as usual communication
  • Going back to the basics- showing the product, solving a problem, and doing the same in an interesting way
  • A study on 11,000 ads across 5 verticals revealed that most creative attributes solved only one problem, based on the objective of the campaign
  • Different goals need different stories, it works better to leverage three different ads than using the same ad three times over
  • Efficiency in diversity – different ads work for different audiences
  • The path to growth is led by better insights and diverse stories

Besides these, Sanjay Gupta, the Country Head & Vice President of Google India stated how since the advent of television, video has become the primary format of entertainment, delivering entertainment, experiences, and education. He further mentioned that YouTube has played the key role of a catalyst in this disruptive shift in the experience of video entertainment.

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