How Brands leveraged #Pawri Ho Rahi Hai to create fantastic content!

Commonly, now and then social media have been picking up trends. Needless to say, various social media platforms have been flooding the relevant memes or content curators get into a healthy race of curating buzzworthy and relatable content.

Pawri ho rahi hai trend was no exception. It was kickstarted by musician Yashraj Mukhate who had created a video highlighting a Pakistani influencer and soon it was picked up by everyone.

On #pawrihoraihai, so far there are 106,723 posts and growing!

Amul India:

A brand that is known for its creativity on topical content has been in this game since the beginning of us knew to take advantage of such short/ moment marketing content. The brand has tried its hands-on wordplay for the brand connect.

(Image reference:


Swiggy is one brand that has introduced us to a creative trend like the “Voice of hunger” and is known for its excellent and relatable yet relevant content. Always actively participates in brand moments and leave us in awe. This food delivery brand nailed it with making the peas the hero and raised a bar for every other content curator.

Domino’s India:

Domino’s had promoted party packs and campaigns to gain eyeballs like any other food chain market player and this trend is directly related to Domino’s. It could not stand down rather up the game up by blending valentine’s offer in it.

McDonalds India:

McDonalds who had blown away the users by introducing spectacular packaging EatQual for specially-abled customers also took a dig at this new trend. Its social presence is filled with conversational content featuring coffee and various campaigns curated timely.

Undoubtedly,  McDonald nailed it by brilliantly connecting the entire trend with its one of the top-selling product Piri Piri Fries.

In meantime, this trend was also caught on Twitter. Here are some glimpses of the same:


Bank Employee Memes are not new for us but blending in with this trend has just made it more hilarious.

Well, isn’t this something we all fall prey to?  ☹

Arghh, annoying truth yet is this really how cockroaches must be feeling?

Good old golden days where samosa, cakes with rasna was the ultimate party we all used to have and cherish till now.


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