Effective ways of using Pinterest for your business

Pinterest, another visually driven social media platform. Perhaps the only platform managed to steer off controversies considering it’s the only platform where you publish your work unlike other platforms where all kinds of news keeps flashing. Yet, somehow Pinterest has not been extensively used by brands in India.

Wonder why? 

Pinterest ads are not available in India, after developing organic content they are unable to boost it further.

On a brighter side, this untapped platform has opened an office in Singapore to serve the Indian market. Conjectured it will soon it’s ‘promoted pins’ in India.

On top of that, Pinterest had introduced Hindi language for Indian market 4 years ago. There are plenty of perks of having this social platform in your monthly social media calendar.

One of the strong benefit of Pinterest is, you can influence purchase decision. 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest. (Pinterest internal data, US, Feb 2017).

Let’s look at it thoroughly to understand how you can use Pinterest effectively as part of your marketing strategies for your business.

Optimize Pinterest for Good SEO:

Visual searches are done majorly on this platform unlike other platforms. A brand can showcase their creativity from packaging to flaunt campaigns executed on different occasions. Various elements of visual assets of brands can help you gain traffic on the website, product pages and whatnot! All this with creating right boards including the pins in it and importantly coupled with title and description.

Set up a shop:

This feature is currently not available in India; however, you have a presence in the international market it is worth reading. One way to get the pinners to your product is to make use of the shop the look feature and land them to your product and grow sale. This work wonders for retail category like fashion and décor. Besides, you can also try out new feature ‘shop tab’ for business profiles.

Pinterest is a visual search engine:

Unlike Google, Pinterest’s algorithm is simple. You must only focus on the title and description of the pins. Your content only get pushes to the related content consumers. For more discoverability, there are ways to engage on the platform for your content to reach wider audience.

Maximum exposure organically to its relevant audience:

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where it allows to create, discover and pin the related content as per the interest, hobbies and topics of the audiences. This resulting your content to get exposed to the potential audience and encouraging to curate relevant content to get discovered.

Impactful content strategy:

With every social media to succeed, it’s always backed up by data and insights leading to a strong content strategy and Pinterest is no exception. Understanding your audience niche, their challenges, stage of sale funnel they are in, how are you addressing these challenge (types of creative)? Unfolding these basic questions will help you get the eyeballs of your potential audience as it will be more relevant and people will connect to every content that you curate.

On Pinterest you can try out these content buckets:

  1. Striking images/Product
  2. Info-graphics
  3. Inspirational content
  4. Visual guides
  5. Promotional

Higher shelf life:

Pinterest is not only known for driving the highest traffic but also has a soaring shelf life. Once pinned it can drive significant traffic even after couple of months. At most you have to glance through your description and title. In a nutshell, Pinterest can aid you reap benefits for long term.

Final Thoughts:

Although, few of the features of Pinterest are still not available in India but organic benefits of this social platform can be astonishing. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.

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