Despite so much of tech innovation, why content is still king in Digital Marketing?

In the last few years with the advent of internet enabled smartphone and cheap data pack, there is an explosion of the digital platform. People have moved onto digital platform for work, entertainment, research, shopping, etc. Therefore, the users and usage have been increase in a huge scale and to keep up the platform alive and growing, thousands of technology innovations are also taking place.  These innovations allow marketers to reach the target audience more precisely and in niche format, understanding their behaviour and interests, targeting them on various platforms, provides great analytics, and most importantly unique and advanced user experience.  

But imagine you are in a restaurant with great ambience, which provide top notch services, have the best of cutleries but the food is not great. Would you be interested in going to the same restaurant again? No, right? Similarly no matter how many tech innovation comes into picture, content is still the king for any form of marketing including Digital Marketing. 

Content is what you communicate to your target audience, this is the first trigger of interaction with your customers and potential customers. You should always create relevant and engaging content that your audience resonate with and also maintain consistency that facilitate brand value over a period of time. 

Are you still thinking what you can achieve with good content in your digital marketing activities? Well, then continue reading.

Good content create brand awareness and attracts online users 

Search results of relevant content is like an ocean and your content is like a small boat. There are millions of webpages with billions of content across the internet, therefore if you create mediocre content you will be lost in the ocean. Therefore, it is very important to create great content that grabs the attention your audience, make them aware of your brand and also tell them how good is your product or services are. This also ensure more users would visit your website which would increase the traffic onto your website.

Good content connects and engages with your audience

Write content which your audience resonate with and connect to; it should build a relationship with your audience. Write content which would tell them why you exist? Why your audience need you? Rather than telling them how great you are. Educate, inform and engage your audience with your content.

Good content improves SEO 

Now-a-days, the major source of research or information gathering source is web. More than 81% of online shopper actually research online before they buy and when google processes more than 228 million pages every hour as per Information Age ( The google spider or search engines finds relevant pages related to the search queries. Therefore, in order to rank your pages you need to have good and relevant content as google or any other search engine try to give the best results to the users for what they have searched for. Your content should answer to what users search for which would result in quality and quantity of web traffic into your website. 

Good content generates leads

Good content not only increase website traffic or engagement on social media, it also entice your audience to take actions. If people find your content of their interest, or if it solves their needs, they would love to hear back from you more. Content marketing is a cost-effective way to generate leads, as per DemandMetric (, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times more leads on every dollar spent. Therefore, content marketing is a great way to generate leads at a cheaper cost and this should be a key strategy especially for small businesses and start-ups.

Good content nurtures leads

Once leads fills up their details it is very important to serve them, but before serving a lead you should communicate with those leads with the right content. And it should start with a ‘Thank You’ page, emailer and even SMS or WhatsApp. It allows you to build a relationship with them even before you reach out to them on call, so that once you call there should be a trust factor between you and your potential customers and they are willing to listen to you.

Good content generates conversion

For any business the main objective is to increase revenue and sales. Good content doesn’t only generates good number of leads it actually also helps you to convert many leads into customers and increase revenue for your business. As per ABG Essentials (, content marketing has 6 times the power of traditional marketing for converting people into leads and leads into customers. Hubspot ( also stated that inbound marketers were able to increase their conversion from 6% to 12% due to content marketing.

Good content helps in customer retention

The best way to get more business is to ensure repeat purchase by your existing customers. Make engaging content in form of newsletter or WhatsApp or SMS and send out to your customers on a regular basis to make a fruitful relationship with them and make them loyal towards your brand. Many happy customers write reviews and recommendations about you online which created a credibility for your business. This would facilitate more people to trust your brand, generates more interests and many actually would move onto your brand which would result in more revenue for your business. 

Good content helps in up-selling and cross-selling

With the help of engaging and relevant content you can initiate and continue seamless communication with your customers andensure more businesses from them. If customers show trust upon you by buying your product or availing your services, with constant effort and communication you can encourage them to buy a high end products or experience a notch higher services. You can also entice them to try out other products or services that you offer.


Good quality, relevant, interesting and engaging content contributes to a great extent to the success of any business on the online platform. The higher the quality you create and communicate with your audience, the more the success you can achieve for your company.

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