Comparison Between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, And Extended Reality.

Technology is increasing day by day and getting advanced.

Augmented, virtual, mixed, the extended reality are the new technologies tools added. However, these are different from each other and work differently from each other, but anyway we can comparably use them. Concepts which have been used in these are different from each other.

Let’s see how.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is the combination of the natural and virtual scene in which the actual location is observed by a user and the computer’s virtual scene that augments the scene.

Augmented Reality is used in 3d cinemas, graphics, and many more things; therefore, it is on the top of our list as it is used in games, mobiles, apps, computers, laptops, tabs, etc.

Augmented Reality is like putting your existing Reality through a camera. 

There are many devices like eyeglasses through which you can use to experience this also, head-mounted display (video see-through or optical see-through, contact lenses are also available.

The main motive of Augmented Reality is to make users confuse between real, and virtual augment.

Augmented Reality is also in the medical field, engineering field, robotics, and entertainment.


As one can imagine from the word virtual which means something almost the same but not exactly.

Virtual Reality helps in creating an imaginary world. It creates an environment that users can feel that is happening in the realm of the realistic sounds, pictures, and other sensations that help in it. Thanks to Virtual Reality, we now play games that make us believe we live in that game and then play.

The gaming industry is already being improved because of VR.

The market and these industries are still amazed because of VR, and they are making more improvement and trends shortly we can see more progress in it.

Moreover, VIRTUAL REALITY AND AUGMENTED REALITY are similar in some aspects. These both give you the idea of living in the real world. They both possessed your eyes and made you believe the environment which is in your vicinity is real.


Mixed Reality is similar to Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality. It does mix the real and virtual environment, so it’s like mixing the two worlds to get something new.

It is adding virtual imagery to real imagery and getting new different imagery. It is the hybrid of Reality and virtual Reality; it does not take place in the real world or the physical world. This is a new reality based on the advancement of technology, computer, graphics, and input systems.


Many peoples are not even knowledgeable of this term because it is recently added to tech world.

It is all a real – virtual combination. Extended Reality involves all its vivid patterns like the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), so it is like taking all term together is Extended Reality.

Although this term is not that popular and it will in coming years.

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