Cannes Lions Award- Winning Inspiring Campaigns of 2019

Cannes is not just a city, it famously known for its Film festival. It was originally started to develop the cinema and spread it worldwide. It wasn’t stopped only at the film but also introduced a festival to celebrate creativity exhibited across advertising and communication and similar industries.

While a plethora of entries gets uploaded, only the one who has made a significant difference in society and changed the perspective has won the hearts. Concisely, whichever brands & creators manage to take us on a new roller-coaster ride of creativity gets the recognition and appreciation.

In a nutshell, you got to stand out to awestruck people to earn extravagant recognition at Cannes Lion Festival!

Let’s take a peek at which all brands and campaigns won and left a mark in the industry and demonstrated a change:


Vicks has positioned as a touch therapy with a gentle rub of product you can be at comfort.

It has given a platform to many unique, stereotypes breaking real stories under the umbrella of “ Touch Of Care”. These stories never stop to astonish us by displaying what purely an emotion “care” can achieve and give strength to anything in the world.

And again, Vicks has brought another version of a touching story and shed a light on another stigma still lingering in most parts of our society. The narration starts backward of the story and ends on a note of how one beautiful thought kickstarted this brave journey.

It has been well crafted with facts and figures to emphasize this serious topic.

The story gives you a glimpse of disabled people’s struggles and how as human beings we make it more difficult for them. It gives a reminder that Disabled people are also humans with full of dreams and hope.

This campaign reaped the fruits by winning 4 metals and wore the crown of the only Indian campaign in 2019 to win numerous awards.


Gillette a brand primarily focused on men’s shaving brand, known to innovate and break free from the edge of their competitor.

It’s one of the stunning campaign bagged Cannes Lion awards in the Music category. It unfolds a real story of a girl breaking a stereotype. This spot highlights different responsibilities or skills which are inherited by men and women through the lenses of a kid. It stresses to ponder on how the traditional ways are so easily adapted by society.

On a concluding note, the boy aka the narrator questions his dad on an unconventional situation and his dad takes a pause responding sympathetically.

And the heroes of the stories are unleashed leaving us awestruck. This is an empowering and brave step to take in a small cities of India.

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