Best Diwali Campaigns of 2020

It’s that time of the year – lights and rangolis, feast and family, gifts and celebrations. The time we Indians consider our homecoming. And while the pandemic may have dimmed the lights a little this Diwali, the research studies are showing a positive consumer sentiment during the festivities.

According to the insights and brand analytics company TRA Research, 65 per cent Indian consumers reflect a ‘Positive Buying Sentiment’ for Diwali 2020. The research also highlighted that home furniture, television, and jewellery to be the consumers’ top priority.

And those sentiments are rightly captured and addressed in the Diwali advertisements and the marketing campaigns of some of the leading brands. From FMCG to e-commerce,  jewellery to automobiles, here is our pick of the best Diwali campaigns of 2020.

Cadbury: This is not just a Cadbury ad

The Cadbury campaign took the internet by surprise with its hyper-personalised media plan. The innovative idea and commendable execution with the integration of technology at every stage from conceptualization to the personalised media planning, has set a precedent for other brands as well. The concept of including local brands as part of the mainstream campaign is both smart and noble. It will most certainly inspire many more brands to adopt advanced technology and hyper personalisation as part of their campaigns.


HP: Ye Diwali Dil Wali

Speaking of supporting local sellers, HP yet again melts our hearts this year with a tear-jerking emotional ad. The ad strings together emotion and festivity while bringing to light the plight of local vendors with subtlety.

This ad is a follow-up to their 2-year old campaign which was aligned with their message of going local. The ad just like the old one, is led by a kid who makes it his mission to spread the spirit of happiness and festivity with his creativity and an HP printer.


Oppo: Be the light to spread the light

The leading smartphone brand, Oppo brought forth a delighting with its ‘Be the light’ campaign. Though the ad runs for over 3.5 minutes, it strikes all the right chords without pushing the product a lot.


Volkswagen: Delivering happiness

Volkswagen released the Diwali ad on the eve of Dhanteras. Capturing the essence of festivities and a sense of homesickness, the ad smartly goes on to portray the excitement and joy of the first car. 

Since launch, their campaign ‘Delivering happiness’ was shared multiple times across social media within a few minutes of launch, bringing all the traction.


RHB Group: Light in a time of darkness

Based on the true story of a magician, Vikneswaran Allagu aka Vikey, who lost his job and audience during the pandemic and has to become a durian seller.

The ad shows the failure of Vikey’s initial efforts in selling the item conventionally. However, his fortune takes a turn for the better after he decides to add elements of his magic performance into his durian’s sales pitch, thus building Vikey’s Magic Durian shop and adding happiness to the faces of his family. 


Among other notable mention for this year’s Diwali campaign is Coca Cola’s ‘Har Rishta Raushan’. Driving the message of ‘home away from home’, the ad starring Ranbir Kapoor and Paresh Raval has garnered nearly 5 million views on YouTube. Also, Life’s Wonderful Moments from Myntra beautifully drives across its brand inclusivity with its Diwali 2020 campaign.


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