Featuring best Digital Campaigns for Independence Day 2020

India just celebrated its 74th year of Independence this August 15, 2020. Independence Day is a festival which everyone relates to and hence is widely leveraged by brands for marketing. But unlike all the previous year, the special day was different this time due to the pandemic situation. But one thing was common this year like any other year which was offers on brands. There are still lots of ongoing exciting offers, discounts, freebies, contests, by almost all the brands this Independence month. Social media buzzes with campaigns by various brands as social is the most leveraged medium for quickest reach & interaction.

With the change in consumer behaviour and habits due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s interesting to see the route brands have taken to interact with its audience digitally. Let’s take a look at few impactful campaigns this patriotic day.

Suzuki ‘Park For Freedom’ Independence Day Campaign

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited launched an Independence Day campaign to salute corona warriors. Called the ‘Park For Freedom’, they released a video asking people to stay indoors on August 15.

In the video, Suzuki bikers are shown revving their bike on the tunes of ‘Sare jahan se acha’, and then parking it and urging users to stay indoors in honour of those warriors who stepped outside for our safety.

House of Hiranandani #FreeInside campaign

House of Hiranandani’s #FreeInside campaign asks people to look back at their lockdown journey and share what made them feel #freeinside in lockdown. Whether it was pursuing a hobby, unleashing a creative talent or just spending more time with loved ones, whatever made people enjoy freedom while being at home. It’s an interesting activity, as it makes you look at the lockdown with a positive lens. Here’ a video from the campaign.

Tata Salt – #NamakKeWaastey

In this campaign Tata Salt presents a Retd. LT. Colonel, veteran of the ‘71 war, encouraging the nation to join the new fight for freedom against COVID-19.  #NamakKeWaastey is the hashtag they have used for the campaign. The campaign video urges people to follow social distancing, wear mask and wash hands frequently.

It’s interesting to see how they have connected the brand with the Independence Day campaign seamlessly.

Aditya Birla Group – There ‘never will I ever take my freedom granted’

Campaign makes one look at little things we use take for granted when the times were normal. It celebrates the small joys that we never celebrated in our lives, in a touching black & white video it brings relatable stories that each one of us can connect with.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – The Cadbury Unity Bar

Cadbury has taken the CSR route for their Independence Day campaign. It has launched an exclusive product called ‘The Cadbury Unity Bar’, as a part of Independence Day campaign. Their campaign is a sweet tribute to the country’s unity in the ongoing challenging times. The campaign talks about buying Cadbury Unity Bar and they will match the sales proceedings of it and distribute products of equal value to the needy with the India Food Banking Network.

The creative route is quite impressive, with Cadbury forming a person denoting unity.

Tata Tea Premium – #Deshkakulhad

Tata Tea Premium has also taken the CSR route with their #DeshKaKulhad campaign. They did this campaign in partnership with Rare Planet. Campaign showcases rich diversity of India crafted by Indian artisans on the hand-painted kulhad. The proceeds of the sale will help in the Indian artisans who are severely impacted during these difficult times.

Mountain Dew – Darr ke aage jeet hai

To salute the strong spirit of India, Mountain Dew teamed up with Sukhwinder Singh & created a powerful anthem. The song celebrates all the victories of India as a country right from the getting Independence to the recent pandemic that we are fighting together. The campaign recreates the song ‘yeh desh hai veer jawano ka’ and features their iconic brand tagline ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai’ .

Titan Company – #LetsGetIndiaTicking

Titan Company limited campaign #LetsGetIndiaTicking is a movement urging individuals to kick-start the wheel of the economy.  Through a film, the campaign talks about getting the economy back on track. The film talks about how a single purchase has a surging effect on the lives of others. Smartly teamed up with the famous Titan music, it brings the importance of impacting lives and starting the wheel of the economy.

Which campaign did you find the most interesting, tell us! Stay tuned for more digital updates.


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