Best Christmas Campaigns of 2020

It still feels surreal how we came to an end of 2020, surviving the most challenging crisis in human history – COVID-19 pandemic. And as 2020 gives way to a hopefully better 2021 with news of successful vaccine trials around the world, the Christmas and year-end celebrations have been on a roll.

While the festivities may not be like the old times, the brands across the world created Christmas and holiday season campaigns relevant to the pandemic and those that fostered hope, festivity and joy. Here is our pick of the best Christmas campaigns of 2020.

Amazon: The show must go on

The Amazon ad features a teenage ballet dancer, Taïs Vinolo. She, even in the most challenging times, continues her ballet training to prepare for her show only to find out her show getting cancelled eventually due to the pandemic. However, with the support of her family and the local community, she showcases grit and performs her act outside her home before her family and neighbours as the show must go on. The ad was created by Lucky Generals.


Tesco: No naughty list

For the horrors that 2020 put everyone through, Tesco UK went by the festive and absolving motto of having ‘no naughty list’. The funny ad features a number of characters confessing their horrendous deeds including a Santa Claus admitting that he went on a holiday this year.  

The one-minute long ad leads with a voice over ‘After a year like this, we believe there is no naughty list. So go on Britain, treat yourself to the best Christmas ever’. The video leverages one of Britney Spears’ classic songs, Oops I Did It Again to cheeky and fun tone.


Coca Cola: Christmas 2020

Coca Cola’s Christmas commercial showcases a father traversing through a difficult terrain and challenging detours as he forgets to mail his daughter’s letter to Santa Claus. He ultimately reaches the North Pole to hand deliver the letter only to find out that his daughter wants him home more than anything else for Christmas.


Xfinity: The greatest gift

The comedic three and a half minute ad showcases everything- from elves and Santa Claus and from Zoom calls to the drones delivering gifts the ad inspires to rethink Christmas for 2020. Stressing on the idea that the little things that make memories, the ad was a worthy reminder of what truly matters in life.


Among other notable campaigns for Christmas 2020 is Disney UK’s ‘From our family to yours’. The emotional animated ad depicts how it’s never too late to revive old traditions to see them in new light and how festivity is all about spending time with loved ones. Also, An evening with Abracadaisy & the Incredible Lucy from Argo mesmerizes with some magic treats to foster festive spirits.

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