ADZ Junction Media is looking for Head of Delivery Affiliate Marketing – Gurgaon

Role: Head of Delivery (CPL)
Reporting to:
Job Location:
Affiliate Marketing

Role Description: ADZ Junction Media is one of India’s fastest growing Ad-network online retailers to acquire customers.
This position is part of our business development process which focuses on building pool of online clients to drive revenue
for our network. We generate traffic from our Performance Network via different modules like Cost per Email, Cost per
Acquisition, Cost per Lead, Cost per Clicks/Visits, Cost per Installs/Downloads. This role gives the opportunity to a
candidate to be part of the biggest and fastest growing web and mobile performance marketing company.

Key Deliverables:
• Responsible for All India media buying operations for ADZ Junction Media lead & branding campaigns.
• Responsible for establishing new relations and maintaining old relations of company with publishers.
• Manage and build a team of media buyers, lead generation publishers.

•Create media plans for team below him/her and ensure compliance with those media plans.
• Ensure that team buys media from publishers on CPM/CPO/CPC/CPL format.
• Should have a sound knowledge of media buying and calculations for mapping of end goals in media buying.
• Achieve revenue target for monthly, quarterly, yearly.
• Achieve gross margin targets for ADZ Junction Media web from India.
• Create and manage key publisher accounts/relations. Also, manage their revenue projections.
• Knowledge & relevant experience in email & search display marketing.
• Work closely with sales team to ensure delivery of all campaigns as per clients requirements.
• Gives continuous feedback to clients and publishers either directly or thru the team working with him/her
• Work closely with technology team to solve tracking/onboarding related issues.
• Work closely with the sales & client servicing teams to give continuous feedback and take active part in shaping up
technology and bringing in new tools for publishers to use.

About the role:
Requirements from individual:

  1. Sharp and dedicated
  2. Passion for media buying and affiliate marketing.
  3. Ability to stay focused and work on targets assigned
  4. Strong negotiation and selling skills.Leadership skills and must be able to groom people under him/her
  5. Ensure knowledge is passed along in the team and cross functional roles

Educational and work experience requirement:

3+ years of work experience

MBA or post graduate degree holder

Good to excellent communication skills

Handy with MS Excel

Job Location: Gurgaon

Interested candidates may send CV @