About Digital Diets

Since 2000, there has been a gradual increase of internet usage around the world, and since 2010 there has been a gradual increase in Digital Marketing to reach out to the target audience. Then comes the year 2020, the digital world exploded with pandemic. Digital media became the key platform for work, study and entertainment, thanks to its mobility and the cheaper data rates.

Companies and marketers heavily shifted their focus on digital platforms as they can reach out to their target audience cost effectively without any geographical barrier. Companies are also in hunt to find digital experts who can generate revenue for their business.

Thus, two Digital Marketers with a combined experience of more than a decade on Digital Marketing started Digital Diet with a vision to help companies, marketers, Job seekers, digital enthusiast to be updated with the latest trends of digital marketing with regular updates and blogs.

Digital Diets is also a one stop solution to learn different strategies and tactics to be used for Digital Marketing, and how to use various online marketing and analytical tools effectively. It wants to serve as a platform where digital enthusiasts can get insights and knowledge with interesting case studies. Digital Diets also intends to help individuals who are seeking a professional career into Digital Marketing with regular Job posting.